Dog Emergency Kit

Zippmo Survival Gear

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Don’t forget about your favorite furry companion. The Dog Emergency Kit by Zippmo has everything you need to make sure your dog is also prepared for any emergency preparedness situation. Be it an earthquake, hurricane, flood, wildfire, or tornado: this survival kit for your dog has all the recommended emergency essentials packed into a water resistant eighteen-inch heavy duty tote bag (leaving plenty of room for you to add personal items for your buddy as well).

Full Contents:

-18” Heavy Duty Water Resistant Tote Bag (Leaving plenty of room for personal additions).

-Adventure Medical Dog Series Trail Dog Medical Kit:

-10 packs of Datrex Emergency Drinking Water (4.2 oz each)

-Portable Travel Water Bowl

-Duke’s woven dog leash and adjustable dog collar

-Nalgene Triton 16oz airtight jar (for storing your favorite dog food)

-Chuckit! Tennis ball



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