Emergency Car Kit

Zippmo Survival Gear

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Zippmo Emergency Car Kit comes with top quality survival tools, emergency food, and emergency water packed in a tough Fox Tactical modular bag. This premium car kit includes the following items: (1) Fox Tactical Modular Operator's bag, (1) Emergency Car Hammer (Double-sided head with hardened steel points shatters vehicle windows in an emergency / Includes mounting bracket to hold Car Hammer /Protected razor-sharp blade to cut through a seat belt), (1) Eton American Red Cross Road Torq Self-Powered Spotlight and Emergency Beacon, (1) Datrex 2400 Calorie food Ration, (6) Datrex 4.2oz Water Packs, (1) 12-Foot Copper Clad Aluminum Jumper Cables, (1) Stainless Steel Multi-tool, (1) BRW Emergency Sleeping Bag, (1) BRW Emergency Poncho, (1) 24 Hour Body Warmer, (2) Travel John disposable urinals, (1) Adventure Medical First Aid 1.0 Kit.


*Datrex Food Rations contain Wheat Flour, Vegetable Shortening, Cane Sugar, Water, Coconut, and Salt. If you have food allergies to any of the listed ingredients you should not consume these food rations under any circumstances.


**5 Year Shelf Life for Datrex Food & Water.