Esbit Pocket Stove


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The compact design of the Esbit® Pocket Stove makes it ideal for camping, backpacking, and to keep on hand in your car or home for emergency situations. German-made of a tough electrolytic galvanized steel, this stove is powerful enough to heat pots and pans, and yet is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Included with the stove is a  6-pack of 14g solid fuel tablets that come individually wrapped for waterproof stability, and each tablet emits a clean, non-toxic burn for approximately 12 minutes. The convenient 2-position design allows you to control the flame for a low heat, or produce a direct flame for a faster heating time. Bring the Esbit Pocket Stove along on your next adventure, and you'll never be left out in the cold. Weight: 12.7 oz. (includes stove and 6-pack fuel). Dimensions: 4'' x 3'' x 0.75''. Flammable.

  • Powerful, yet small enough to carry in your pocket
  • German-made galvanized steel stove
  • Individual tablets of 14g fuel are waterproof and burn approximately 12 min each
  • 2-position setting for low or direct flame
  • Weight: 12.7 oz. (includes stove and 6-pack fuel)

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