Pandemic Preparedness Kit For Four People

Zippmo Survival Gear

A pandemic (ebola, flu, norovirus) is among the most devastating emergencies for which every family, business, and community must prepare for. Having a Pandemic Preparedness Kit on hand will help you protect yourself and your family members when pandemic supplies quickly become in short supply because of widespread outbreaks. It will allow you to help others that may already be infected.

This pandemic preparedness kit includes CDC recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies, and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of infectious germs.

Contents: (4) 3M 1860 Health Care Respirator: Provides protection from common airborne and biological particles. (4) Safety Goggles - Indirect Vent: Protect eyes from liquid and chemical splashes. (8 Pairs) Exam Grade Nitrile Gloves: Protect hands from germs, fluids and infectious disease. (4) 10-gallon Puncture Resistant Biohazard Trash Bags. (4) 2oz Clorox Bleach-Free Hand Sanitizer.

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